Who Says

Yeap. So i havent had anything to write about lately. I think im recuperating from writing the book. I guess a recap is in order.

Im still working at Yahoo and still working in the Mobile team. My boss quit so did the PM for my specific group so I was pretty upset I was told literally at the last minute. Oh well I guess how it is. Hoe they dont get mad if I ever decide to quit and give them only 1 day notice.

I checked amazon and it seems people like my writing. 4.5 stars, not bad. Hum.

A day or so ago, Monica and I were woken up by our neighbors fighting outside. Yes fighting. Moni ran to the pation to check if the girl was ok and i just stayed in the bedroom. After the commotion Monica went to bed and I stayed up. I started to think about the times when my parents would fight. For a few moments I was 10 again and I could feel the tension rising in the air and the vibe my mom gave out. I sometimes feel thats the reason why i can tell when people are not in the best of moods. I learned to pick up on those small gestures. To say the least, i didnt sleep that night.

I had a dream last night. Sometimes we are reminded of old familiar faces.

So its T-Minus 2 months for the Spain trip. I miss my family.

Armando Padilla – “Who Says – John Mayer”

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