Month: December 2007

Fast Paced Development Model Part I

In a article I recently wrote, which was not published on this web site, I raised the question. How can a software development team of any size properly release software applications with a limited amount of acceptable bugs. By acceptable bugs I mean, bugs that do not hinder the ability of the user to properly

Zero Defect Methodology

Like most of you know, I’ve worked at Universal for a very long time. Then I left and consulted for a while. Im back at NBC, Universal Lot, and im picking up a few pointers. Not positive pointers but pointers that reinforce the positive pointers I have :-). Let me go back a few months.

Like-minded users and Dynamic Links

Intro You begin to browse the online catalog and you realize, “hey what’s his face also bought this toy!”. If your like me, the majority of times you’ll tend to skim through an online retailer such as starting at your initial search and then following all the recommended books, toys, gadgets, and gizmos that