Home is where the heart is…

I was out running today after a better than usual day at the office. I work from home. Either way, I started to think about all the homes, lofts, and apartments I’ve lived in. None of the compared to the apartment where I grew up in. I remember the week we moved to our new home on 57st, when I was 15-16-ish, and going back to the apartment and taking a nap there. An empty apartment where i once called home.

When i dream I usually dream of living there. When I think of heaven, I guess I would live there again.

My children, I hope they feel the same way of this place one day. I hope they have this house in their dreams and hope to live forever in it. Its tough being a dad sometimes. It feels like you fail most of the time. Its hard.

I secretly still go to the apartments and walk the yard, the alley, and sometimes sit on the stairs wishing I could run up and open the door and head into my room. But I cant.

That’s life.

Armando Padilla

VR and Android Notes – Day 2

This will encompass Day 1 as well and this will be more of a place to collect my thoughts as I play with this.

Recently I went to a meet up where a Google Cardboard was given to me. I fell in love with it soon after lol. The plan is to create a small prototype app with a few apis.

The tools
Javascript or Android native or Unity? Hard choices. I started off with Javascript, Three.js and quickly found that its more of a JS library to create worlds, which is great but its missing the magnetometer required for Google Cardboard interactions. As of this writing, my research doesnt show that there is a magnetometer API in JS. No not tilting of the screen but the actual magnetometer event API. This looks promising though, https://github.com/w3c/sensors, and will keep my eye on it.

Day 1 Goals
I’ve decided to go with the Android Native Java language since the goal im trying to reach isng a game but rather display of data.

Day 2 Goals
I’ve set up my dev environment, hooked up my Google cardboard, and have the example running on my local environment . So far so good. Next up creating a flat world for myself.