Was cleaning out a few things and ran across the below. Its from August 13th 2019.


A few years back I lived in San Fran.  Worked for Yahoo.  Now im back in SF, with a family and to be honest…feel uneasy about it all.  Im sitting in the bart writing this, getting ready to go into work.  

Since I’ve arrived all signs tell me to go back to LA.  But then again when I moved up here the first time I had the same feelings.  I can’t say im home sick, what I can say is that living in LA was much easier and safer.    Now? Not so much.    Time will tell I suppose.  

I took a job with a financial institution on the premise I would have a mentor.  Before moving up here my dad warned me to slow down and work the job a month before hauling my entire family up here.  He was right.  So far, from a career perspective this might be a bad move. 

Feel really bummed and feel like I’ve backtracked.  Just hope I can salvage this.  


In retrospect. It was one of the worst and best decisions of my life. From a career perspective, the worst. From a “exploring new things” one of the best.

Armando Padilla

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