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Twitter Sentiment Dashboard Using AWS Kinesis and NodeJS

I’ve been taking a deep dive into real time data. Specifically working with AWS Kinesis Streams. The below power point is the result of combining my curiosity into the sentiment analysis world, nodeJS, and AWS Kinesis. Hope you enjoy. [slideshare id=80155763&doc=zrno3xektwisyxz3qyyx-signature-c9fe242bd926844de1be79a3c6de0b4ebfebbf7cfcfa7ae09b39fff810cc20ce-poli-170926004452] A little about the data and calculating sentiment. The data is exclusively real-time english

Parts of Speech Tagging N-Grams

Part of my thesis is to analyze a set of SMS messages using Parts of Speech Tagging. I wanted to see what POS would come up with given SMS messages to analyze. It was interesting. For the most part POS could successfully tag each of the SMS messages properly but was curious to see if

Catching Up

I was asked my one of my two advisors, Prof Dozier from USC to explore a possible blog to keep my thought and exploration on track. So here I am…blogging about my work (lol) As my first entry I want to cover a few items. Starting off with what got me to this point, the

Nodejs – First thoughts

My first thoughts on Node as a *real* beginner. First Take. I picked up Nodej about 3 years ago when the name sounded cool in the halls of Yahoo. I didnt think much of it and just thought it was the next buzz word. From a PHP developer’s stand point and mostly the standpoint of