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Home is where the heart is…

I was out running today after a better than usual day at the office. I work from home. Either way, I started to think about all the homes, lofts, and apartments I’ve lived in. None of the compared to the apartment where I grew up in. I remember the week we moved to our new home on 57st, when I was 15-16-ish, and going back to the apartment and taking a nap there. An empty apartment where i once called home.

When i dream I usually dream of living there. When I think of heaven, I guess I would live there again.

My children, I hope they feel the same way of this place one day. I hope they have this house in their dreams and hope to live forever in it. Its tough being a dad sometimes. It feels like you fail most of the time. Its hard.

I secretly still go to the apartments and walk the yard, the alley, and sometimes sit on the stairs wishing I could run up and open the door and head into my room. But I cant.

That’s life.

Armando Padilla

The challenge

It wasn’t until I left the meeting, came home, watched my wife put Amanda to sleep , and went into the home office that I started to think about what happened that morning and the conclusion that I came to. Having teams, divisions, companies reach goals while there are many negative factors is a high accomplishment.

I met an old coworker that morning heard the great things he was working on, the plans, the ambitious vision (which i do think he’ll complete), and thought to myself. I’m doing it wrong. And, What I wouldn’t give. I realized that the company he’s helped build operated with a different mentality and it was do to this mentality that it became and is successful. I guess you can say, I miss it.

Hitting reality
Reality. The reality of the situation though, my situation, is different. Though I wish my teams under me reach the point his entire company runs under reach and I reach the point where I think and plan like he does, I realize I’ve had success with a very critical component which he might never encounter do to the culture of the company he runs. How to reach goals, milestones, when not all pieces either cant or wont operate at 100% and you have no option but to keep the problems is a challenge.

So far, the formula i’ve implemented is and has shown results. Some believe it to be me putting in long hours (it’s not), or me doing the work for my teams (it’s not), it’s simply observing, looking at the process, and identifying pain points. Yes some times the pain points are personnel based but most of the time it’s not. Yes it does bring unwanted stress since I cant simply move the problem out of the situation like my friend can but it helps me work with what I have to the highest degree.

What am I getting at?
Working and delivering results in a non ideal environment is a great challenge that not many people can succeed at. Though I sometimes wish I had the wiggle room to remove continued problems knowing that results were attained under non ideal conditions is great.

The challenge? Not to get discouraged.

Armando Padilla

Arguments…not what you think

I woke up at 4:00am today. I couldnt sleep. Had an bad dream so I’m here dumping my thoughts onto this thing.

There is a hot topic at my house, between my wife (yes you’ve made it very clear that we’re not married yet)….so my girlfriend. Like all couples we argue and you know what? That’s ok. To me the most heated discussions happen when we touch on this specific topic…

Why should humanity go to Mars or any other planet.
I know she doesn’t care as much but I do but I become extremely worked up when we talk about it. It stems from the feeling that reaching another planet from a human experience just seems so…so AWESOME! Think about all that humanity has gone through, from living in a world where penicillin didn’t even exit , people would use bloodletting to cure common ailments, to popular religions persecuting out of the box thinkers, from the first tool, the printing press, the cotton gin, the type writer, the computer, the internet, to the ability to talk to someone circling the EARTH via reddit. Humanity has come a long long way. Now imagine? When we, humanity, leave Earth to set foot on another planet. Yep, im actually getting teary eyed just thinking about it. It just means a lot.

Someone or something put us here with nothing to our name. We found a way to continue to survive and now we hatched and reached the point where we can look out, stretch out wings, and explore. Yes, ill be one of those people who might have cried when humanity landed on the moon and I think I will cry when we land on Mars. Will I get to see this day? No.

My wife…she isnt too thrilled with the idea. I still love her though :-p

Armando Padilla – On…”reaching for the stars”