The need to write returns!

So Im back to writing.

Im currently in class … “in. class”. Some guy is presenting his final but yea, the prof said 20 minutes we all stuck to 20 minutes and this guy is going on 1 hour…:-| not cool. So to make the point clear im not paying attention anymore. I could be an asshole and say, “this machine learning algo isnt applicable to this” OR say, “whats wrong with current libraries, most if not all of what you want can already be done with Java AND even PHP” but im not i dont want to be that know-it-all guy in the class since i know my presentation wasnt good either BUT at least it ddnt take up an hour of our time. Anywho.

Why is it so easy for kids to realize a number of things which adults seem to over complicate. I guess you can say that we see the consequences. Wasnt it so much easier then? Lately I’m realizing the end of friendships are much like the end of a relationship born out of love (or the concept of love). Theres a slooow drown out process, but it does have a process. Ive been through both and I think “breaking up” with a friend is much worse.

At this point I feel like its a game of managing both expectations and risk.

Armando Padilla – on …whatever.

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