Winning and Loosing…

Los Angeles, Ca. a home away from home at this point in my life and even though I cant stand Los Angeles, I cant stand San Jose and Northern Ca. more. The best of a bad situation you could say. I sat with a few friends on Saturday and thought to myself most of the time I was there but a topic came up that I felt drawn to because it hit close to home. Arguments and arguing with your significant other.

Should a partner continue an argument with the goal of winning the argument? That was the underlining question. My friend took the stand of, Yes it is important to win the argument. I took the opposite stand. Its not important to win the argument. Neither one of us budged from our stance and thats fine, my friend and I have difference of opinions and I wouldnt have it any other way. What’s been nagging at the back of my head is, had this same question been brought up 2-4 years ago I would have said yes, win the argument. Now, I honestly just dont care to argue. Its not a matter of winning or losing an argument for me at this point in my life. Its just about living life.

I want to live my life and not deal with the fluff which clutters life. The “intellectual” topics people twirl themselves into just to make a point…spare me. Hell, If i was a bit more ambitious maybe I would fight but Im learning to chose my battles (i tend to think that my ambition level has died off a bit since ive accomplished what I’ve wanted to accomplish so far…arrogant? yea a bit.). Fight for what I believe I can change, fight for something I truly believe in and as on lately thats not very much lol.

Other musings.
Huh…interesting predicament I find myself in at the moment. The best way to tackle this is to think about paths, you know paths as in roads the stuff you walk on?? We each have a path to walk. I used to think these paths intersect once in a great while, but I realized it was just me forcing the paths to intersect. Very un-natural I would think … no?

The smell.
I can catch the scent a mile away. The smell brings back a flurry of questions and emotions but it all comes to a dead screeching halt when I think about both the last question and the response that was given to me. I can chalk this up to being a personal demon. So when someone asks, “Do you have any hidden secrets/demons in your closet?”, The answer will be “Yeappp, sit down its a long story” lol.

Armando Padilla …the smell is still intoxicating.

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