8-ball, corner pocket.

“Double vanilla latte. Can you put into a medium sized cup?”. The lady pours the milk into the large iron cup, steams the milk, pumps 3 shots of vanilla into the paper cup, pours the milk into the paper cup, adds the espresso, and finally hands it to me. Its an exact science which takes 3 minutes. Its about 5:45pm and I needed a break from the drab that is my cube.

I looked into the pool table room in the Yahoo cafeteria (i guess you can call it that), and noticed 2 people, guy and girl playing pool. I sat down, a silent calm came over the pair like a warm blanket after a cold shower. They looked at each other, looked at me, I pulled out the Iphone and started “reading”. I listened to their entire conversation where she was from, where he was from, how old they were, what they do at Yahoo, and how lame his jokes where. His jokes were bad….really bad.

He called his shot, “8-ball corner pocket”, he missed. She made it. They put down the pool sticks. I asked if they were done. She nodded. I smiled, fetched the pool stick, and watched them leave from the corner of my eye.

I wish i could have thanked them for the wonderful ballet they performed. I should be working.

Armando Padilla – “REM – Electrolite”

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