AI and Grad School.

My second quarter of Grad School, and im taking two classes which focus on AI. One is the general AI class and the other is a Data mining class. The overall goal this quarter? Make sure that the topic I chose for my thesis/project is the right one.

As many of you know I’ve been into alot of stuff. Both lame and others cool. Since i know I wont be able to create a way to download human experiences into a nonvolatile medium, maybe something else would be ok. I just want create something for the sake of leaving something behind, not for the sake of creating.

AI-CS460. Even though ive taken this class before this quarter the prof is dividing us into groups. The overall group topic? Find a way to maneuver a boat which is being chaised by any number of torpedoes to safety (home base). Since the current project already has AI built into the boat and does a decent job of avoiding getting hit I chose to be int the group of finding a way to destroy the boat. Here is the group discussion page. “CS460 – Torpedo

The class im mostly looking forward to studying is CS522 the Advanced Database class. Well be focusing our attention on different KDD algorithms and figuring out a way to determine knowledge from data warehouses. Cool no? Im mostly reading the endof the book, Chapters 10-11. These chapters highlight ways to mine video and audio.

Well thats it for my rant.
miss you moni :-/

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