Category: Personal Rants

Who is this guy?

Its been a while since I felt like I actually contributed to the dev community. Last night I came to this old site and wondered who this guy was. He had neat things to say. Now? I spend my time coding, putting things together and generally trying to get things done. Do I succeed at

Person Rant – Update on life.

Update. Family I’m dating my High School best friend. After hanging out for a while we decided, hey why not? And well, though it’s still early in the relationship I feel this is a great match. We’re also purchasing a home and hopefully it will close sometime soon, hopefully before years end but I’m not

Eh..not really. Take 2

Be it the yelling outside that woke me or just a feeling. I’m awake. At 3am. :-|. I dislike living in downtown, duh moment right? As you can tell this is going to be yet another freewrite. Moving on… I decided to FINALLY finish my Masters. Yes everyone, school is back at my top priority