Category: Personal Rants

We really are passengers.

Last week was very interesting for me, as you can tell by the erratic postings on my blog. A few days ago something happened while driving to class. While driving, a car pulled up next to me, the girl was alone in the car, and we just cruised along together for about 10 minutes. I

Face value.

I guess people do change. Im not talking about anyone specifically, im 100% talking about myself. I’ve realized that taking people, situations, text, pretty much everything, at face value makes life so much easier. The moment I start reading into things everything begins to break down. I’ve realized life is pretty short to do this.

…It’s Dr. Cat to you sir!

There’s a cat, black and white, which roams around the CS building on campus. No, it doesnt go to other buildings or head down to the library which should be ideal for this cat since the food court is also there; this cat just roams around the CS building exclusively…huh. Maybe its trying to get

Winning and Loosing…

Los Angeles, Ca. a home away from home at this point in my life and even though I cant stand Los Angeles, I cant stand San Jose and Northern Ca. more. The best of a bad situation you could say. I sat with a few friends on Saturday and thought to myself most of the

Getting it off my chest.

There are men in this world that promise women the world, nothing but their heart. They mention how they cant provide materialistic things but it doesnt matter since they’ll treat you right(???). Most women fall for this, and If i was a girl im sure I would too. But lets dissect this statement. For argument