A long time coming…

I guess I just need to start. This is going to be a free write and wont be about anything technical or anything specific at all. You’ve been warned 🙂

I’m not sure what you think about when you run but when I run I look down a lot. The majority of the times I simply imagine I’m running though a grassy field and for the most part that’s worked. Depending on the song it enhances my imagination and I begin to see birds, people, and just stuff (no I’m not hallucinating). 30 minutes later I return to reality.

I dont really know how to feel about my nephew. Its not that I dont like the little guy, its more that I dont know how to feel. I sat there around a baby boy on Sunday with my parents and Alba and wondered, “If this is fathers day, why are we so happy to see this little boy”. It was very strange. I began to think about about the countless paintings and drawings I’ve seen where families are gathered around a fire protecting newborns or simply gathered around a new born. There I was around a fire pit, with my family, around a baby, wondering if he was already sleeping.

I made a mean face to Dublin a few days ago while he was at my parents. He laughed. I guess he looked passed my b.s. ? A close friend has looked past that face before, shes still here. I hope i have kids one day.

Armando Padilla – on ‘controlling the cloud of haze can prove difficult’

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