The voice of God.

I have night shift. For those with no pets, specifically dogs let me clarify what that means. Dogs need to be taken out a few times a day if you have indoor dogs and you have no backyard of any kind. You alternate or split up the time when you take them out. “I take them out at night and you take them out in the morning.” is what a conversation would sound like. Morning and Night shift.

I walked my dogs around the street, turned a corner, and found a man, slumped over, his head bowed down towards the floor, his hands covering his face, and his shopping cart with his earthly possessions in it. I stood there wondering what he was thinking about. I felt as if I was back in Los Angeles, faced with the reality of poor and rich. A rush of thoughts came back into my head all the while I stood there watching this man who didnt notice me notice him. 2 dogs, 2 men, and the sounds of the world passing us by.

At what point do we say, “I dont care”. Ive written about this before. I watched a homeless man defecate in a corner during rush hour once. I stopped my car, watched the man huddle in a corner, he was obviously homeless, ignoring the world watching him. I wonder how helpless he felt at that point. I will never be as strong as that man.

In defeat we are set free it seems.

I heard God today. It was the voice that is formed when a group of people sing out-loud together.

Armando Padilla – on “My dad turned 58 today. I wasn’t there”

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