Clear head.

The list.
1. If enough people say this does it make it true?
2. The similarities are very eerie at this point. Not really sure what to make of it.
3. Im starting to feel like im chasing my own tail. The feeling is very exhausting.
4. How much is too much information.
5. Is the answer, the person who tolerates you the most?
6. When is the food getting here…mmmm pizza!
7. I am who I am. The good and bad. This is who I am now.
8. Talking to yourself is sometimes not a good thing.
9. Everyone goes through the same stages in life. How lame is that.
10. Having conversations occupy your thoughts is draining.

Armando Padilla – “T -1 day. Will plant a Mexican flag in Spain even if it kills me.”

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