Folded hands on lap.

GrandparentsWhen i picture my grandparents this picture, a picture that my sister sent me a few weeks ago, stands out. In a single snap shot you get a feel for their personalities.

From left to right, My dads mom, my mom’s mom, and my mom’s dad. My grand father on my dad’s side is missing in this picture.

Humm in a span of a year, less than a year, both my grandparents past away.

I went home last weekend to visit my parents and drop off monica. I had the goal to spend as much time with my parents as possible. So i helped around the house. Helped with the gardening and anything that my parents usually had to struggle with. My dad left at a point and me and my mom sat in the kitchen. We didnt say anything, just sat there. I was afraid to approach the subject, being so recently that she lost her dad, my grandfather. So i ignored the feeling to ask her how she was.

She started to ask me how I was doing, how i should try to be happy and how to make fish stew, now that I cook a lot. I realized my mom has always been like that, worried about others and us worried about only ourselves (this blog is proof if it). Out of desperation I asked, “Humm como estas?”(How are you doing?) her response, “Con que?” (With what?). I knew she knew what i was talking about. You could see the hurt in her eyes. You could feel the vibe or her hurt. I then said, “como estas? todo esta bien de lo que paso?” (are you ok with everything that happend). her response. “Si pues ya paso.” (Yes, well it happend)

I asked my mom once if she believe in the end of the world. She put it simply. The world ends when we die.

Armando Padilla – Slipping through fingers.

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