Zend_Service_Netflix Release 1 Available.

So about a month after initially starting on the code, I finally released two versions of the Zend_Service_Netflix wrapper for the Zend Framework, submitted a proposal to the Zend Framework Team, and changed the status on my proposal from “New” to “Ready for Review”.  Pheww was that hard work put to good use.  It feels good to get this off and running with the initial release.

What’s included in the release?
Like I mentioned before i created 2 releases.  One release contains only the catalog functionality.  It allows developers to use title search, title auto complete which can be used in conjunction with AJAX to create a autocomplete search box, retrieve detailed title information, and search actors/directors.  This package is intended for developers that want to use the extensive Netflix catalog on their own web site without the added functionality found in the full version of the release.

The second release, the FULL release, contains not only the catalog functionality but also allows developers to manage user queues, manage user ratings, retrieve user reviews, and most importantly create the request access url, the URL which users NEED to click that allows their app to retrieve restricted content.  So if the developer wanted to create a Zend Framework powered app that allowed users to add, delete, and update their “Watch Queue” or “Instant Watch Queue” they can do this by calling a simple method within this package.

Where can i get the release?
I committed the releases to the Google Code site Located here, Zend Framework Netflix.  The packages are properly named so you wont have trouble distinguishing which one you need.

Whats next?
The next steps for this project is to have the Zend Framework team review some of the code, my submitted outline, and hopefully approve it.  On my end I will continue to work on the code.  There are 2 items which i need to iron out, Updating Ratings, Deleting an Item from the users Queue, and updating the code to support the SIGNITURE METHOD HMAC-SHA1.  I will place these items and other “gotchas” on the google code twiki to continue to track my progress.  I will also clean up my PHPUnit tests.

I would like to also create a small set of examples for the user to refer to, as well as a small application users can see the code in use. Again i will provide the details on the google code twiki and here as well.

I’m anxious to hear back from anyone that’s using it how i can improve on it and what they think is a better approach.

Armando Padilla

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