Zend Framework & Netflix – Zend_Service_Netflix

I popped on the headphones, slipped a Thievery Corporation track and started to read the new Netflix REST API. A few hours later and a mad rush to code, I created a pre-pre-pre-pre-alpha release package for the Zend Framework.  It’s a rough implementation that has much to be done to it and has not been flushed out that well. It currently supports only one REST call, “/catalog/title”, but I have plans to support the entire gambit of REST calls open by Netflix for this package.

For those interested in the netflix api check this page out.  It’s basically the netflix documentation. Its pretty straight-forward and should be an easy and fun read.  I was surprised they opened up their ‘predicted rating’ api. Nice touch 🙂 I can see A LOT of things developers can do with just the prediction REST api.

And for those that want to check out the Zend_Service_Netflix code i currently have, here is the Google Code Project Page link.  

I plan to finish the package by Sunday evening.  Here is my attack plan.

Attack Plan:

  1. Finish the concrete classes. (ETA Friday evening) 
  2. Finish Up the remaining REST calls (ETA Saturday Evening)
  3. Create test using PHPUnit. (ETA. as I go)
  4. Documentation.  (ETA Sunday evening) 
Ok so its like almost 2am and spent all evening reading and coding ill have move updates tomorrow evening.

Armando Padilla
PS.  Yes i know, the code looks like ass..sue me (no don’t that would suck) I did all that in a few (3) hours. 

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