Semantic Web. (use case)

I was reading, “Semantic Web Technologies – trends and research in ontology-based system”, and then i started to read some article on CNN.  While reading I started to notice that I wanted to learn more about the earthquakes that happend in china but I didnt wnat to go through google again.

So I started to draw up some plans during lunch to create a plugin for Firefox that would run through a document opened on the browser.  It will then use a natural language processor to find key words; places, events, etc etc.  I then decided to use the API provided by these folks to find related articles on the subject.  Im not sure if this has been done but I have yet to see it done.  yes I know there are keyword ad related scripts on some sites but i havent seen anything that would compliment articles im reading, movies im watching, or basically anything out there.

Time to get back to work.
Armando Padilla

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