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Nodejs – First thoughts

My first thoughts on Node as a *real* beginner. First Take. I picked up Nodej about 3 years ago when the name sounded cool in the halls of Yahoo. I didnt think much of it and just thought it was the next buzz word. From a PHP developer’s stand point and mostly the standpoint of

Like-minded users and Dynamic Links

Intro You begin to browse the online catalog and you realize, “hey what’s his face also bought this toy!”. If your like me, the majority of times you’ll tend to skim through an online retailer such as Amazon.com starting at your initial search and then following all the recommended books, toys, gadgets, and gizmos that

Apriori Algorithm – Ruby

AA is not only where the alcoholics get help but also where were data miners go when they need to find a basic algorithm to locate all the combinations that appear a certain number of times in a set of information. The Apriori algorithm, takes an initial data set, beats it to a pulp, strains

A few notes on RoR

Im currently reading a book, From Java to Ruby, for me it should be title, From PHP to Ruby. Im looking into the benefits of moving my attention from PHP to a Ruby based framework Rails. The book mentions that a developer should realize why he is moving away from the current language and into

Semantic Web – Week 2..

Into week 3 actually, I’ve been reading a few online blogs and articles and it seems like much of what Tim Berners-Lee (brought you such products as the WWW) promised concerning the semantic web has been in the works for a long time and has even failed a few times. Kind of disconcerting, no? It

Choosing a topic Part 1 of ?

I’m back to square one. I don’t know what I want to do for a project. The semantic web looks good but boring, Machine Vision seems pretty awesome but wont allow me to find a good long term career path since I have most of my career built on top of 10 year of web