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Like-minded users and Dynamic Links

Intro You begin to browse the online catalog and you realize, “hey what’s his face also bought this toy!”. If your like me, the majority of times you’ll tend to skim through an online retailer such as Amazon.com starting at your initial search and then following all the recommended books, toys, gadgets, and gizmos that

Apriori Algorithm – Ruby

AA is not only where the alcoholics get help but also where were data miners go when they need to find a basic algorithm to locate all the combinations that appear a certain number of times in a set of information. The Apriori algorithm, takes an initial data set, beats it to a pulp, strains

Inverted Index and Ruby

Inverted Index and YOU! Yahoo, Google, Microsoft and basically all other search engines had to start somewhere and so we start here with an Inverted Index. What is it? Heck! why do we even use it? In the opening of this article i brought up a few search engines, they use large, billion and billions

AI and Grad School.

My second quarter of Grad School, and im taking two classes which focus on AI. One is the general AI class and the other is a Data mining class. The overall goal this quarter? Make sure that the topic I chose for my thesis/project is the right one. As many of you know I’ve been