Author: Armando Padilla

The Architecture

I started off by drawing plans on how to architect the Text Processor Engine (TPE) and realized I had to take several steps back and understand how the system as a whole would work.  In the middle of that exercise I realized the TPE would not scale and wasn’t a very good path forward.  I

Data Identification

Its the Data… Yes, a play on the age old, “Its the economy stupid!”.  But, as I think about the Jor-El system I want to create, I keep going back to the idea that it all starts with the data. What we can build and form knowledge off of. This section will cover the data

The Goal & Plan

It took a while……Family, work, and just lack of energy to start, I just feel I had to start. So, I created a comprehensive list of things I need to accomplish to get to, what I think will be a v1 of the system.   Before diving into the plan I want to cover the vision/goal.