Project Jor-El

When I was 10-11, not really sure how old I was to honest. I would jump on a bike and rush to play at my uncle’s farm. Cows, dogs, chickens, you name it, there were animals to play with. Aside from the animals my uncle treated me as an equal and at such a young age, it was awesome. A grown up providing me with adult level responsibilities an trust.

He died a few years later at what would be my current age.

What is Jor-El?
Project Jor-El started off as a fascination with the system Jor-El created for Kal-El (Superman). The system allows Kal-El to interact with a virtual Jor-El as if he was there and also allowed Kal-El to query Kryptonian knowledge. Coupled with the personal belief that humanity should not die. I thought, “I should create a Jor-El system with my Uncle as Jor-El”.

Fast-forward a few years and the Goal
With some spare time to really focus on my goal. I decided to take the plunge and attempt to create a fully functional Jor-El system for my son, Andres Kal-El Padilla. I will dedicate the rest of my life in creating such a system.

This section will be dedicated to articles, tech, and my progress revolving around this topic.

What should the system do?
1. The system will allow the user to see a representation of me (Armando) in a virtual setting.
2. The system will mimic Armando’s verbal and body mannerism.
3. The system will allow the user to query me on my life, my memories, and thoughts on different subjects.
4. The system will formulate new ideas based on passed ideas and thoughts. Things like, “Yea, Armando would totally believe that and say that”, should be the goal.

I plan to use VR, AI, NLP, model rendering technology.

Armando Padilla

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