Who is this guy?

Its been a while since I felt like I actually contributed to the dev community. Last night I came to this old site and wondered who this guy was. He had neat things to say. Now? I spend my time coding, putting things together and generally trying to get things done. Do I succeed at it? Sometimes and it depends on what you define success to be.

With each year im learning what I like and what I dont like. Its becoming interesting to analyze whats happened. I have a child now. Im a father. And I have a laundry list of things I want to do with my time. Theres the rub, “my” time. Its no longer my time and thats proving to be a bit hard for me to understand. Not that I cant understand it, just hard to gauge how much time I have to projects, self-learning, relaxing alone, and relaxing with my family.

Yea. Night and day. My birthday is fast approaching and I kinda just want a pause button.
The big three one. 31.

Armando Padilla – on “im a dad”

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