Eh..not really. Take 2

Be it the yelling outside that woke me or just a feeling. I’m awake. At 3am. :-|. I dislike living in downtown, duh moment right? As you can tell this is going to be yet another freewrite.

Moving on…

I decided to FINALLY finish my Masters. Yes everyone, school is back at my top priority and If I need to drop a few things in my life to reach that goal and attain it, so be it. Why school? Well, its simple. School doesnt suck and its a better investment for me long term. I find it amusing even sad when engineers say, school sucks. Here’s why. They dont get it, or dont see what’s going on around them (I was also in this group at a point in my life). If school sucks so much, why are companies carving out small chunks of their budget to recruit at college campuses? Why are interns from USC, Cal-Tech, UCLA, MIT, etc etc hired at a much higher rate than non, self-taught, engineers? Why are most managers and positions you aspire to attain filled with engineers with college degrees? Easy, because school doesnt suck.

School keeps you current, keeps you trained and when it comes to engineering keeps your foundation solid so you can set the curve on what will be the next great thing. Its all about understandig the fundamentals and bending them to get thigns done.

Should I go back to bed? Yea but im sure Im not.

I understand there will be peaks and valleys in an engineer’s carreer within a company but prolonged stagnation or working on “busy-work”, I believe, is the same as being out of the technology loop all together. It can be very damanging, long term.

Armando Padilla – eh.

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