The bird in my house.

Yep, it’s been a great while since I’ve managed to get online and update the site. Today felt about right to finally update the site again. Looking at the traffic to the site, its about where I want it now. I really wanted this site just to rant and vent, it sorta became something else, but that’s the nature of blogs. You drive the direction of your blog via the content you post to it. Fun.

My mom asked if I felt alone a few days ago. I didnt know how to answer. I knew what she meant, but I havent felt alone for a while now. I’m never alone at home, old and new friends always stop by, but I know what she meant. Huh. I dont feel any different than before, so I’m ok?

Short huh? Well here is a set from Underworld. I’m thinking of heading off to Italy in May of this year. Let’s hope I get the time off from work.

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