A rant.

I have a hard time telling people what I do with the money I have. Its not that I care. Actually, I do. In the past few years I’ve learned to speak very little about how much I make around people, friends, relatives, and those that I used to think would understand. I sorta know why the wealthy do not like to talk about wealth (im not saying im wealthy at ALL. )

If i talk about what I have many take it the wrong way and believe Im throwing it in their face or that im “presumiendo” or being stuck up. There is no way to have people rethink these things about me no matter how hard I try. So ive given up. I go as far as to hide that I drive a BMW now. A bit extreme but its worked so far. I realized this after having dinner with someone in Los Angeles. I realized how I was seen and left extremely disappointed in myself.

Ive just realized people tend to treat you differently. I dont like it.

The highlight of my day? Talking to the cleaning lady or the people at the Yahoo cafeteria. How does my day get killed? Having someone talk down to them. While working at Universal and staying late nights working on projects I would periodically talk with the cleaning lady. One day she asked, “De donde son tus padres?” (Where are your parents from?) I said, “de Mexico, Nayarit”. She looked at me, smiled and asked, “si son humildes?” Its a nice way of saying we didnt come from a wealthy or well to do background. I told her that my dad sold ice cream, my mom was a seamstress and we lived in south central. She smiled and said she was proud of me. 🙂 . Now at Yahoo, i made a new friend the cleaning lady. She asked the same question, I responded the same way, and she just looked at me for a bit and then said….”echale ganas” 🙂 lol

Some people want wealth or to make money, most people tend to not really see or know why they want to make money. Most people try hard to help when they cant even help themselves. I know i looked like a fool most of the time, trying to push myself to get where im at the moment. But I always said, once im there I will help (i still have a ways to go). We must look back occasionally to help those that stil cant find their way. I found that educating people is the best way to do this. Giving people money to pay a check yet not give them the tools to get them situated for the long run is not the right course to take. The second phase of my life is starting.

Im turning 30 next year. I turn 29 in a few days. Yet still feel i have something to prove to God. Its sorta like im stuck outside banggin on the doors to let me in. Ive done everything hes wanted from me. Maybe if I help people once they die they can tell him how I helped? See, i guess i do want someothing in return. I have to work at this too. I have to do things without expecting something in return.

I havent done much thats the feeling. So the next phase will be about moving the pieces again. I will begin to cut back on my own expenses. So long BMW, so long nice house, and so long expensive vacations (well not really on the vacation part im just not going to stay at bad ass hotels anymore…snob yea..i know lol). Lets see where this course takes me. I wish i knew or at least talk to someone about what im doing. Some dont understand or want to know why im doing it…its sorta hard to explain a feeling and even more frustrating when you explain the feeling and they still dont get it. Keep those that understand close has been my lesson.

Armando Padilla on…We meet the same soul for a reason.

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