ER, Technology, and “happenings”

I’m taking a quick “time-out” from writing my second book for a quick update. So, I’ve been out of the rant thing lately…well for a long time now. I plan to update the first book, on the site at least, to conform to version 2.0. So that’s concerning the book…the first one.

Technology & Work.
Most of you know I work for Yahoo, and most of you know that Yahoo isnt what it used to be but as a work place I have to say that so far its really great to work there. I have time to write, go to school, and deliver mobile products like the Winter Olympics and the World Cup as of late.

So why the topic? I’m starting to wonder whats next. I have my eye in management but I also like to code. It all comes down to one thing. The trade off between getting paid more money and what a company requires from a developer has me in a bind. Is there a point when a person can be paid too much money for what they do? Is there a balance between what a person makes and what a person is required to do at work? Is this balance broken when the company offers more money? I believe so.

I went to the ER last week. I couldnt breath, I crunched over, the dogs ran to lick my face (feels bad when your suffocating), and told my self to calm down before I passed out. I managed to gain my composure, drove to the ER and then realized i wasnt dying so i just walked to the Urgent Care unit…:-|. Since then I was in bed. Call it a non-vacation vacation. I caught up on a few movies, and stayed away from the computer and work for a while. What was wrong with me? Bad cough 😐

Going to ZendCon in November.

Ah…well, thats it. lol

Armando Padilla

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