The drive back

Popped in the music, so now im ready to write. Funny how some songs force you to write. Right now im listening to some song i heard on the way back home. San Jose is my home now.

The drive took about 5 hours. It seems I have driving from Los Angeles to San Jose down to an art. Heck! I even started to play games with my mind. I make believe I’m an explorer in a new world (its usually Mars but ssshh 🙂 ) I’ve given large portions of the drive names. For example, the large hill on the 5 right after Magic Mountain is called, The Dundar Alps 😐 lol. That’s where the bulky, furry martians live…yeahhhh. And the looooong, never ending, flat terrerain after this mountain is called the “Falt lands of Anboran” You have to drive at 85mph here to not get eaten up by the guardians. Yea i get bored.

Anyway. I had an interesting talk with myself a few days ago. I was in the Starbucks drive-thru when I felt like paying for the order of the car behind me. I sat there waiting for my turn to pay and ready to say, “Can i also pay for the people’s drinks in the back of me?” The tension build up, I was getting nervous. I drove up the window, paid for my drink and sat there. Then I told myself, “When God asks you why you didnt do this for them what will you say? Will you say you were too scared? Too nervous? to do this one thing?” I looked at the lady in the small window, asked to pay for the car’s order behind me, handed her the card, said thank you, and drove off.

Armando Padilla

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