Do you think that we run in the way we live our life? I used to run a few laps in the opposite direction everyone else was running at the local park in South Gate when i lived in Los Angeles. Now, I run with my head down trying to finish my 2 miles. I look occasionally up to see how much i have left. .60 miles, 1.20 miles. 2 miles, *click the stop button. Just get it done.

I used to climb mountains in my dreams, a few nights ago I had a dream of climbing a mountain that I used to easily reach its summit, this time i took the harder route. The terrain wasn’t the issue it just had a casino, escalators, and generally people getting in my way. Beware of fluff.

2 teachers come to mind right now. One told my mom i had low self-esteem, the other told my mom I was a big fish in a small pond but I knew that already so I grow complacent. He warned me that one day I will be introduced to a bigger fish. Still thinking why this keeps bugging me.

I have a new friend that reminds me too much of an old friend. The body is different but the person is the same. We meet the same soul in this short journey many times throughout our lives for a reason. I’m not sure why.

I have 30 years to go, give or take. Going to make it count somehow.

Armando Padilla – Zoning out at work usually means im thinking of one of the 5 things above.

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