Callate Cabron!

I was sleeping at my parents house this weekend when a loud 4-5 year old cries for god knows what tore through the night. I woke, apparently 5 minutes into it (im assuming), to his cries and my utter contempt for this kid that i had never met. The kid continued to cry non stop, each cry, it seemed, getting progressively louder and louder. Right before I decided i had enough and decided to get a hotel room someone screamed, “Callate cabron!” (shut up asshole!) . The kid immediately stopped, made that last cry noise. You know a cry with a gasp of air; and then nothing. The night was filled with the noise of crickets, helicopters flying above, and the cars zooming by. The noise of a city.

2 hours later I was on the road back to San Jose.

A few things on my mind. Kids and the elderly. Kids should really enjoy their youth. Im starting to see what my dad and mom used to say. They have no care in the world, nothing to worry about. Everything is new. Their skin is new, hair looks new, nails are new. Everything about kids is just clean. Yea thats the word. Clean.

The elderly. I have this sense of awe at this point about the elderly. There are many adults dying of heart disease, drugs, cancer. Its a miracle, an accomplishment actually when somone lives to see 60 at this point.

I was talking to monica the other day at the olive garden (we had the usual lemon cream cake with powered sugar and strawberry syrup with 2 lattes) and mentioned that I thought writing the book was going to leave me with the satisfaction that i could die and I would have something live on. Now that the book is officially done and set to release Sept 4th the empty feeling is still there. I dont think itll ever go away, I guess ill just live life as pointless as it seems sometimes. Pointless in the sense that a life without giving back to humanity isnt a life worth living…to me.

I have a year left for my MS. I’ve decided to head back to school after wrapping this MS degree. I’m going to get a MBA (yes im going to take the GMAT) and going back for a MS in Software Engineering. I dont see when ill finish school anymore. I think im a life-long student. This shit never ends lol oh well.

Armando Padilla – Shutting up now.

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