Coming Home for 4th of July.

I came to Los Angeles for this 4th of July weekend and on arriving I found my parents house empty.  Turns out my parents left to Mexico.  I knew they were leaving to Mexico but I thought they were going to be home by now, I guess I thought wrong.  I find myself spending most of my time either at Starbucks or out with friends when im here so even when im at home I tend to be away from home.  Weird.

Its been an interesting year.  Its been my dream to work for the government and for about 10 years Ive tried time and again to apply for position I thought were up my alley.   I applied once and almost got into the agency of my dreams but unfortunately i didnt get in.  Now im back again but this time i feel as if its going to be the last time i apply to any government agency.   I feel like i can walk away from my ambition to work for the government if I dont get the position.  I feel as if I tried my best, have the credibility to back my work and did everything possible to get the position so if it doesnt work out thats fine with me.  It just wasnt meant to be.

Ive also gone back to school to hone in on my software engineering skills.  I used to bounce around in what i wanted to do with my life.  I took AI classes, security classes, software engineering classes specific to web;  yep pretty scattered I know. Now, Im simply focusing on Software engineering and become really great at it.  I felt as if I was bouncing off the walls sometimes and now I feel I can slow down and focus on a few things I enjoy.

Work has been fun. Stressful a bit but fun.  The stress comes from thinking people dont like my negativity but its tough trying to stay away from such feelings.  I applied to Yahoo Mobile and according to everything seems like I got the job, no date as to when im moving over but time will tell if everything falls through.  If not thats fine as well i have school to look forward to.

Isabel asked if I had a road to follow, if i had any goals.   I cant say that i do anymore.  Life long goals? I cant say i do but i think i have short term goals.  I want to finish school with my Masters in CS and now thinking of getting a PhD in CS as well. I want to raise a 100k in the next 5 years, and I want to travel to China, head back to Scotland for a month, and visit France.  I guess time will tell.

Armando Padilla – On “things are coming to a close”

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