Zend_Paginator doesnt work :-(

This will be a quick entry. Are you having issues using the Zend_Paginator view functions? Yea me too. This affects all releases and isnt really a bug but more of a annoyance if you dont know whats going on.

What is the issue?
Well if you installed a fresh copy of PHP or if you prefer to code with <?php ?> open and close tags appose to <? ?> you might be affected. Since a fresh copy of PHP contains the PHP.ini flag short_open_tags = Off this causes some chaos and doesnt allow the Zend_Paginator::paginationControl function for example as well as $this->next $this->previous attributes to not work in a View.

The Fix
Open your php.ini file. You can check which php.ini your using by using phpinfo(); and check the Currently Loaded php.ini path. open the file up and set the short_open_tags flag to On then restart Apache.

You should see it work. TADA!

Armando Padilla – Time to get some dinner.

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