Zend_Loader humm…

So far its a nice sunday afternoon.  Im spending the day at my mom/dad house and just reading over the zend framework’s php code.
I’ve stumbled across a few items of interest but this one is a bit of a interesting knugget.

In line 80 in the Cache.php file this is pointed out ” // For perfs reasons, we do not use the Zend_Loader::loadClass() method”
Im looking at the 1.5.1 code base so its the latest code.  The only reason i point this out, well to myself at least, is that in the
documentation it points out that there is no added benefit in using Zend_Loader a pose to require_once/require calls.
Why wouldnt Zend state this in their documentation?  Given the current language in the documentation it seems like Zend_Load and
require will have the same benefit and performance drawbacks which isnt the case looking at the code.

Either way. Keep up the great work Zend.  I love you guys lol

Armando Padilla

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