Month: April 2008

A step back?

Like most of you know I’ve been interviewing with a few companies lately and during one of the interviews the interviewer expressed something to me that i thought I was the only one thinking. My thought, “wow i totally know what you mean…but i shouldn’t agree with you because you might think im kissing your

Zend_Loader humm…

So far its a nice sunday afternoon.  Im spending the day at my mom/dad house and just reading over the zend framework’s php code. I’ve stumbled across a few items of interest but this one is a bit of a interesting knugget. In line 80 in the Cache.php file this is pointed out ” //


It came to me like a “oh my god” moment today! I know what my thesis will be about. The semantic web. Specifically, Semantic Web Services. This is why i chose the topic to pursue, yea i know the topic is still too broad but at least I have an understanding what im finally doing

Semantic Web – Possible Thesis.

A quarter or two ago I took a graduate class where we had to chose a topic that we possibly would enjoy looking into. Ashok and myself spent three months putting together a 58 page report on the Semantic Web. Its current state, current technology, its challenges, and its future. If you do a quick