Week 5 – Semantic Web – The semantic catalog

I bought a book, “Semantic Web Technology – trends and research in ontology based systems, and my interest in the semantic web is back. Talk about a mood swing.

while reading a chapter it dawned on me that we are currently living in the time when the semantic web CAN be a reality. Why? Well we see the creation of companies that provided services, service providers. These service providers can provide specific content such as Youtube which can supply media content, flikr which contains a image catalog, and all niche web sites that provide their content as an RSS feed for others to use. The semantic web, or a semantically enabled web site (web 3.0) uses external content to provide the user with relevant data.

What we need. The semantic web community needs a xmethods.com type of site were services both web-service and rss are categorized so a company or user can use such a service. The site would ideally contain a name of the service, the type of service {web-service, rss, other}, short description, example, and a indicator if the service is free or based on traffic.

Now we need niche targeted web sites.

Armando Padilla

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