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Apriori Algorithm – Ruby

AA is not only where the alcoholics get help but also where were data miners go when they need to find a basic algorithm to locate all the combinations that appear a certain number of times in a set of information. The Apriori algorithm, takes an initial data set, beats it to a pulp, strains

A few notes on RoR

Im currently reading a book, From Java to Ruby, for me it should be title, From PHP to Ruby. Im looking into the benefits of moving my attention from PHP to a Ruby based framework Rails. The book mentions that a developer should realize why he is moving away from the current language and into

Semantic Web – Week 2..

Into week 3 actually, I’ve been reading a few online blogs and articles and it seems like much of what Tim Berners-Lee (brought you such products as the WWW) promised concerning the semantic web has been in the works for a long time and has even failed a few times. Kind of disconcerting, no? It