Choosing a topic Part 1 of ?

I’m back to square one. I don’t know what I want to do for a project. The semantic web looks good but boring, Machine Vision seems pretty awesome but wont allow me to find a good long term career path since I have most of my career built on top of 10 year of web

First Day of Grad School

After attending two graduations, one my own and the other monica’s i started school this week. Same ol Same ol. nothing has changed, i just feel a bit more overwhelmed since i want to at least publish something every year im there. Yes highly unlikely but like they say, Aim high so you can reach

The “no structure” critisms of PHP

Ive been recently reading a book on the limitations of Java and to my suprise the author has been using PHP along with Ruby to show how Java development bogs down the development process. What I dont agree with is how he author attacks PHP, primarily the example on how PHP does not have a